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Your local Sing Wah is: Plumstead, 72 Kirkham Street, SE18 2JX.



Fab food as always...

Mr Dolores Young - 21/04/18

Food was perfect (not overcooked nor undercooked), whoever cooked it knows what they are doing (thank you that person!)

Mr Brian D Silva - 19/04/18

Very good service and food looking forward to our next meal from you.

Mr Robert Ryan - 24/03/18

Mr Wayne Eldridge - 17/03/18

Miss Sonia Barber - 03/02/18

Food is always excellent from this restaurant, first class service.

Mr Paul Gray - 27/01/18


Miss Anthea Henderson - 01/01/18

Miss Destiny Buchanan - 01/01/18

Mr Paul Gray - 27/12/17

Mrs June Gorham - 27/12/17

Mr Anthony Sheridan - 23/12/17

Mr Andy Fox - 09/12/17

Mrs Devika Edwards - 28/11/17

As always, really nice food. It was a really quick delivery time

Mrs Kitty Judd - 16/11/17

Mr Stefan Thompson - 01/11/17

Mr Robert Blake - 01/11/17

Mr Paul Gray - 31/10/17

Mr Estefan Ellis - 31/10/17

Hands down our favourite Chinese food!! The instant chat function on the website is brilliant too, such a good service, very impressed.

Mrs Victoria Tyler - 22/10/17

Mr Cliff Riley - 22/10/17

"Love sing wahs crispy duck.. could do with a few more pancakes though"

Mr Faye Jacob - 22/10/17

"Very good service all round."

Mrs Louise Holman - 20/10/17

Miss Charlotte Mullen - 14/10/17

Mr Paul Mccabe - 10/10/17

"Best take away in Plumstead."

Miss Francella White - 10/10/17

Mr Marius Mocan - 15/08/17

Mr Paul Gray - 15/08/17

Mr James Borrow - 05/08/17

Mrs Tracey Seaward - 10/06/17

Mrs Lauretta Asak - 9/06/17

"Probably the best chinese in SE18. Sing wah is The One"

Mr Naithan Smith - 9/06/17

"I liked the food. Prices were not too bad. Delivery Super Fast - Loved that. Would order again as long as they do the dishes how we ask which didn't quite happen this time. However it was ok compared to others we have ordered from. Thank you"

Mr Hasina Zuberi - 3/06/17

Mr Minnican - 20/05/17

"Great food, quick delivery, could have been abut more spicy but still great. "

Mr Minnican - 15/04/17

Miss Fryers - 14/04/17

"best pancake ever"

Mr Cunningham - 13/04/17

"In SE18 and SE28 I think this is one of the best Chinese you can ask for! Also the staff seems to be very organised and 5 star rating food and hygiene!"

Mr Mazzini - 01/04/17

Miss Wainwright - 30/03/2017

"I eat chinese alot but I've just found this take away and by far is the best chinese I have ever eaten. A very BIG BIG thank you. Keep up the good work.I will definitely be ordering again."

Miss Walsh - 22/03/17

Mr Shrestha - 22/03/17

Mrs Dias - 17/03/17

Mr Norman - 25/02/17

Miss Carter - 25/02/17